Terms of Use and Commenting Guidelines

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Community Guidelines

Otsuka’s OPEN website exists to bring together a community of people, from patients to caregivers to friends and relations, whose lives are affected by these diseases and disorders.

While it is the goal of the OPEN website to foster open communication and a candid exchange of ideas, stories, and sentiments, there are some community guidelines we want you to know about. It is not our intention to censor our community members in any way; but we may at times need to remove a comment, or may not be able to respond.

Thank you for your understanding and for ensuring that your comments fit within these guidelines. While Otsuka reserves the right to remove any comment at its sole discretion, we are working to foster communication and candor; in this spirit, we will only remove comments that violate these guidelines.

1. Product Mention. Please do not reference the products of Otsuka or any other pharmaceutical company, whether positively or negatively. Important regulations govern exactly what can be said about pharmaceutical products, and how to ensure product discussion will be truthful, not misleading, and balanced. Because we cannot guarantee that posts about products will meet these standards, it’s better to just leave them out of the comments.

2. Side Effects. This website is not the appropriate forum for reporting side effects of prescription drugs. So that we can best deal with the information, please report side effects to Otsuka by calling (301)424-9055 or directly to the FDA by visiting www.fda.gov/medwatch or calling 1-800-FDA-1088.

3. Links. While we do not endorse any page content other than our own, we must take care that all of it—including links to other pages—is within the regulations that govern our website. Because we cannot take responsibility for the content on other websites, please do not post any links on this page.

4. Vulgarity or Personal Attacks. This is a community for all, without discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, race, religious affiliation, age, or gender orientation. It is a place of respect. We prohibit comments containing profanity or any hostile, harassing, or discriminatory language.

5. Medical Advice. While we appreciate the community’s desire to help one another, and while we encourage sharing experiences, please leave the dispensing of medical advice to the medical professionals—and even if you are a medical professional, please leave it to an individual’s health care practitioner. Medical advice can have serious implications. We are all different, with different health histories and concerns. A treatment that worked for you or someone you know won’t necessarily work for someone else. In the interest of keeping everyone safe, please don’t post specific information about treatments, techniques, therapies, medications, etc.

6. Off Topic. Commenting provides the community an opportunity to comment and share observations with others who visit the site. Occasionally, comments arise that are clearly unrelated to the topic, or are spam, or are promotions for goods or services. These comments are not allowed on the site and will be removed.

7. Personal Information. To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include your personal contact information or the personal contact information of others, including phone numbers, physical addresses, or email addresses.

8. Miscellaneous. In the event that a comment does not fit into one of these categories but nonetheless is not suitable for the site, Otsuka reserves the right to remove any comment at its sole discretion.