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The Importance of Self-Care

"I have to make time for myself every day, and if I don’t I really feel it."



A lot of people ask me "How do you do it? How are you raising two small kids and you have bipolar disorder?" And the thing is, you have to learn how to manage your condition and manage your illness. So for me I know that self-care is really important and I have to make time for myself every day, and if I don’t I really feel it. So with the kids, I’m very lucky – I’ve got family close that will offer to babysit, or my husband sometimes will come home and if he knows I have had a long day, he’ll say, "You know, I’ll take the kids for a little. Go get your nails done or go to Starbucks and write for a little bit." So it’s really nice to have that support, but it’s also knowing yourself and learning what helps you. And for me, having 15 minutes to myself really helps me.

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