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The Workplace and Mental Illness

"If someone’s in treatment — they deserve the respect for their strength and their recovery just as much as anybody else."



My dream for employers and mental illness of all sorts, is for someone to be able to say in the interview, and I have a diagnosis of…fill in the blank. And the employer will say, okay, tell me what I need to know to make this work. Because we want you to work for us.

If someone is in treatment- they deserve the respect for their strength and their recovery that anybody else does. So, I would want them to say, tell me what I need to know to know when you’re on track and off track and how can I help you if you get off track? And I see your strengths and I’d love to hire you. What they get in return and what this employer got in return was an employee who loved their job, who knew their job, and who was passionate about what they did. And so when they said, if he’s ill, he’s ill. It doesn’t matter to us; tell him his job is waiting for him.


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December 17th, 2020 10:34am

I need .ore I for.info I need more information on bipolar disorder borderline personality disorder schizophrenic depression confusion and a list of it all please I would like to read on it to see if I do need mental health help thank you

December 18th, 2020 4:32pm

Great question! However, the answer really depends on you and your personal medical history. Please reach out to your healthcare provider to get an answer specifically for you. Thank you for being a part of our community.

December 30th, 2020 1:05pm

Living with severe stress and depression family situation trouble functioning

Ms Ward
June 22nd, 2023 4:13pm

I am concerned on my thinking process and it scares me on some things

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