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Education Center

NephU is an engaged community of health care professionals and advocates collaborating to improve kidney health. The experts at NephU have partnered with OPEN to develop scientifically validated resources that explore topics about living or caring for someone with kidney disease.

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Kidney Health Resources Developed by NephU

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Caring for Yourself While Caring for a Loved One With ADPKD

When you are caring for someone with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD), it may be difficult to focus on your needs as well as those of your loved one.

At Risk for ADPKD?

ADPKD, or autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, accounts for most cases of polycystic kidney disease (9 out of 10). Some people with ADPKD are at risk for accelerated disease progression.

Working With Your Healthcare Provider to Help Manage ADPKD

Living with a chronic kidney disease like ADPKD means you face decisions throughout your lifetime as your illness progresses. Your healthcare providers can help you make these decisions.

Supporting Your Loved One With ADPKD

Talking about ADPKD is a personal decision and may be difficult for your loved one struggling with ADPKD. Not knowing what to say can add to your stress and add difficulty in caring for him/her.

Where Can I Find Help? Patient and Caregiver Support

There are many organizations and resources in the PKD community available to help you and your loved one with ADPKD. To learn more and connect with others going through similar experiences, visit the sites below.