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Education Center

NephU is an engaged community of health care professionals and advocates collaborating to improve kidney health. The experts at NephU have partnered with OPEN to develop scientifically validated resources that explore topics about living or caring for someone with kidney disease.

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Kidney Health Resources Developed by NephU

Select a category below to find topics related to kidney health and tips for living or caring for someone with kidney disease.

CKD in the Hispanic Population

This helpful infographic reviews some of the statistics surrounding chronic kidney disease in the Hispanic population.

Kidney Failure Treatment Options

This infographic reviews treatment options for patients that have reached kidney failure.

The American Kidney Fund's Unknown Causes of Kidney Disease Initiative

The AKF's Unknown Causes of Kidney Disease helps promote meaningful, systemic change to ensure that patients with kidney disease get the diagnosis they need and the care they deserve. 


This infographic illustrates common responsibilities that caregivers perform and addresses the emotional, physical, and financial challenges that caregivers experience when caring for someone with a chronic illness, particularly those with kidney disease. It also provides several helpful tips for caregivers including finding a support group, managing stress, and knowing your limits. Download the infographic for more details.

Raise Awareness About Kidney Disease

This infographic gives general information and statistics about kidney disease and provides recommendations about ways to promote awareness of kidney disease.  There are suggestions for educating the public, patients, medical professionals and policy makers about kidney disease. Download the infographic for more details.

Kidney Donation

Imagine being one of the 107,000 Americans waiting for an organ donation and waiting for months and sometimes years for a phone call to inform you that the needed kidney (liver, lung, or pancreas) has become available. For patients dealing with end-stage organ failure and needing a life-saving organ, the wait can be unbearable. Download this detailed infographic to better understand the steps a person can take to help increase organ donation.