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NephU is an engaged community of health care professionals and advocates collaborating to improve kidney health. The experts at NephU have partnered with OPEN to develop scientifically validated resources that explore topics about living or caring for someone with kidney disease.

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Kidney Health Resources Developed by NephU

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Nutrition & Diet in Patients With CKD

Some people may not realize the vital role that proper nutrition and diet plays, not just for their overall health, but in helping to fight kidney disease. If you or someone you care about has chronic kidney disease, the information shown in this infographic may help with making better and healthier food choices. Learn more about making the best food choices for overall kidney health, the specific nutrients needed, as well as which foods to avoid. Download the infographic for more details.

The NephChef Presents Cauliflower Street Tacos

In this cooking demonstration, Chef Duane Sunwold shows you how to prepare the raw cauliflower and adds his special salt-free Southwest taco-flavored dressing consisting of taco-flavored spice, paprika, and cumin to make the dressing. With a special salt-free guacamole seasoning and some fresh squeezed lime, you’ll enjoy this healthy, tasty meal and you won’t miss the salt.

NephU YouTube The NephChef Presents Chef Sunwold's Story January 2022

The NephChef features a video with Chef Duane who describes his personal story about his CKD journey, how adopting a plant-based diet led to improved outcomes, and how his experience with plant-based nutrition has truly exemplified that ‘Food is Medicine.’ Chef Duane believes that patients with kidney disease deserve healthy, favorable and “flavorable” foods! Watch this video to get to know Duane, his story as a CKD patient, and how a network of providers helped to influence him to become a better chef, empowered kidney patient, and an incredible example of “you are what you eat!”

NephU YouTube The NephChef Presents Chicken Stock January 2022

In this video, Chef Duane Sunwold as he shows you how to make a delicious chicken stock without sodium. You can make a soup or a sauce from it and it’s a great way to add flavor and is healthier than buying prepared chicken broth. You can easily make this tasty salt-free chicken stock in less than an hour and have it with lunch, dinner or as a healthy snack.

NephU YouTube The NephChef Presents Low-Sodium Salad Dressing January 2022

It’s not easy sticking to a kidney healthy diet; you go to a lot of trouble choosing and preparing nutritious meals. But if you are using a high-sodium dressing on your salads, your efforts to eat healthy may be less effective. In this video, Chef Duane Sunwold demonstrates how to make a simple, multi-purpose, dressing that you can also use on salads or even as a marinade. The most important thing to know is that while this recipe is low in sodium, which is better for your kidneys, you can still make it tasty! Chef Duane suggests making a batch and refrigerating it so you can have it handy throughout the week.

NephU YouTube The NephChef Presents Roasted Chicken January 2022

Did you know that some chicken companies actually marinate their chickens in salt water to make them look fatter? This also helps the chicken to stay moist even when it is overcooked. These are important tips for people with kidney disease who are trying to reduce their sodium intake. Watch Chef Duane Sunwold share these insights as he prepares a low sodium (salt) roasted chicken that is both kidney healthy and tasty. Chef Duane has learned the art of making sure that meals are still packed with flavor without having to use salt. Without adding any salt, see how Chef Duane bakes a healthy, tasty chicken that can serve up to 12 portions.